Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ADVENTURE TIME! ...and new store

Hey guys, sorry I'm not too diligent about updating.
My primary job as an animator/illustrator has been preetty hectic, but 1)I've got more exciting animation 2)I designed my friend's new album, 3) I'm in a new band myself and an EP will be released soon, and 4) I have still managed to make time every day to spin.

Anyways, spinning is a total enjoyment, and I've been spinning every minute I can find to spare.
I'm still working on my biggest batch, so the inventory has not changed (also, I haven't finished updating my inventory), but now I have a yarn store branch.


I think I will be posting my patterns here, and make http://knits.azure-m.com a completely ready-knitted (and art) store.


Last week our good friend S.L commissioned me to make an amigurumi.
Not my forte, but I how can you resist when the commission is

I found a perfect color yarn in my stash, KnitPicks Stroll (Fingering) that had been lying around.
I could not find a pattern, so I decided to improvise, but luckily he was made of pretty simple shape (except the snout).

Thank god I managed it!  And even better, S.L seemed to have liked it!
He will be carrying him around in his pocket at NY Comic-Con, dressed up as Finn.