Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Pattern! Quick Cable Slouch Hat//Hat constructions

This is a pattern I had made to teach my student how to make her first cabled hat, so I made sure it was not intimidating.
Very quick to knit, so great for gifts.
I have used a bulky alpaca yarn so it had a fair drape and a pom-pom was too heavy, but it may work better if you use wool.
I have originally posted and recommended size #10 needles for the body, but it seems like many people have been getting a less slouchy result.  If you want to get a slouchy hat for sure, it might be better to use size #11 for the body. I don't have a specific gauge, but the fabric for the main body should be somewhat loose and have a bit of a drape.  If your swatch is closely knit and sturdy, your hat WILL become a beanie.

Another note is on the *K3M1* increase; if you do chose to use KFB, watch out where you do that, since if you do *K3 KFB* the number WILL NOT match.

Materials Needed:
US7 or 8 for Brim
US10 or 11 for Body
(NOTE : I had used #8 and #11, and the body was pretty big so I felted down a little.  My student used #7 and #10, and it was a little less slouchier than the one I felted down.  For snug brim I recommend 7, but if you want a big hat, try #11 for the body.#10 will give you a less-slouchy hat.  Another way to add slouch is to do extra cable repeats before decrease.)

For either, DPN, fixed 16" Circular, Using 32"+ needles to work in Magic loop is your choice.
I used Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky.  The hat weighs around 120g, so it is safe to use 2 skeins, but you'll have a good portion of the second one left.

Cast on 72st using smaller needles.
2x2 rib for AT LEAST 10 rows in Main Color.
(note to beginners, from experience--I know how it feels when you kind of get sick of ribbing quickly and want to move on to the body, but if you make your brim too short, you will end up with a hat that doesn't stay on your head!  So be patient--you'll get there soon enough :D Make sure you get at least 1.5")

Increase row : Repeat *K3M1* (96st)

Change to the bigger needle.  If you chose to change colors between the brim and body, change your yarn to Contrasting color in the next row.

Establishing rows:

Row1, 2 and 3) P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 4) P2, T6F, P2, K6

T6F: put the next 3 st on a cable needle and hold it in the front, knit the next 3 st, and then knit the 3st on the cable needle.  If you find holding the stitches on the back is easier, you can do that instead.  Just once you decide which one you like, stick to that throughout the hat.

From there, repeat these rows 2 times:
Row 1~7)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 8) P2, T6F, P2, K6

At this point you should have 3 cable 'twists'

Decrease section:
Row 1) P2 K6 P2, K4, K2tog (90st)

Row 2) P2 K6 P2, K5 (aka "even") (90st)
Row 3) P2 K6 P2, K3, K2tog (84st)
Row 4) P2 K6 P2, K4 (aka "even")  (84st)
Row 5) P2 K6 P2, K2, K2tog (78st)
Row 6) P2 K6 P2, K1, K2tog (72st)
Row 7) P2 K6 P2, K2tog (66st)
Row 8) P2 T6F (if you have been doing T3B, do that here), P1, P2tog (60st)
Row 9) P2 K6 P2tog (54st)
Row 10) P2 K5 K2tog (48st)
Row 11) P2 K4 K2tog (42st)
Row 12) P2 K3 K2tog (36st)
Row 13) P2 K2 K2tog (30st)
Row 14) P2 K1 K2tog (24st)
Row 15) P2tog k2tog (12st)
Row 16) K2tog (6st)

Cut yarn, draw through remaining 6 stitches.  Pull tightly to close the hole. 
Weave in ends in the inside of the hat and block.

Hope you guys like it!

This pattern (including text & images) is an original AZURE KNITS design. It is for personal use only. Other uses, including but not limited to reproduction, distribution, or sales of the pattern is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


Thought I'd post this little thing too, just to give some notes to beginner knitters.
Here are two basic constructions of hats, that may help you.


The Huron Family said...

I love this hat pattern! Thanks so much for posting it!

Hopefully I'll be knitting soon...=)


AZURE said...

Hi Olivia, thanks for your comment!
I'm glad you like the pattern. I'm hoping to post more quick bulky patterns when I get a chance!

Wendy said...

Thank you for the awesome pattern! Question: on the dec rows what does the word "even" mean on rows 2 and 4?

AZURE said...

Hi Wendy!
You're most welcome :D

"Even" means you follow the preceding row continuously, without any increase or decrease. So in this case means

Row 1) P2 K6 P2, K4, K2tog
Row 2) P2 L6 P2, K4 K1
Row 3) P2 K6 P2, K3, K2tog
Row 4) P2 K6 P2, K4.

Hope this helps!

tara said...

Lovely lovely pattern - just made it up (first ever circular needle endeavour) in 90%mohair 10%cashmere chunky on 7 and 10 size needles with a big fat pompom on top - less slouchy, but still protrudes attractively from top of my head! Only slight prob was getting totally lost re stitch numbers on decrease section, but making it up as went along seemed to work ok! Thanks again for the pattern.


Mariellen Jordan said...

Happy Holiday
HELP!!! I followed the pattern exactly and on the decrease when it stat4es even row 2 p2 k6 p2 k4 k1 I have one knit stitch left before 2 pearls and I don't know what to do. This is my firsst time doing cable and so far it looks beautiful and I don't want to mess up when it is almost finished. It's a gift for Christmas. Has anyone else had this problem, maybe not a problem i just don't know what to do. I'm lost. Please help. Thanks

AZURE said...

Tara> Yaay! Thank you for the comment. Hmm...next time I make it myself again or have a chance to I should calculate the total stitches and add it to the pattern :)

AZURE said...

>Mariellen Jordan

Happy Holiday to you too!

Lemme see...

p2 k6 p2 k4 k1 (=p2, k6, p2, k5)
shooould be right. I would love to know if there are any errors, but so far over 80 people made this hat and nobody has mentioned that specific error yet so I'd hate to say but you maaay have increased or decreased the stitches somewhere before that.

I would go back to the point riight before you started decreases and see if you have that basic (P2, K6, P2, K6)rib going on on that row.

You may already know but just in case--What's happening at the decrease is--we're kind of doing

so if you think it that way it might be easier to keep track of the stitches.

I wish I could help better--but hope this will >_< Good luck!

AZURE said...
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Knit-a-holic said...
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Cameron said...


My name is Cami, and I was just seeking your approval to sell this adorable hat! I'd be glad to give credit for the pattern.


AZURE said...

Hello Cami,
Thank you for comment and I appreciate your honesty :)

Sure! Go ahead :)
Please include these info, it would be great if you could tell me the url of the item posting.

Original Knits, Patterns, and Art



strengthandbones said...

i absolutely adore this pattern. i made a twenty before twenty and on that list of goals was to knit myself a hat, and after HOURS of searching for some sort of pattern i came across this and fell in love. the pattern is very easy to follow, especially since i hadn't knit anything in something like four years and even then my skills weren't so great. so this was my first time knitting anything other than a scarf, and i'd love to share with you how it turned out, so here's a link!


Rose said...

I would like to try to make this for my brother...but I have 2 questions: 1. His head is 24" around...should I make this bigger for him? How much? 2. He lives in LA, so I don't want it to be too warm. Do you think this will work in cotton?

Axelle said...

Done! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to knit this hat....but I have tried to print off the pattern but every time I try to do so it crashes my computer can you publish a printer friendly version please or tell me how to print it successfully


Thank you Susan Barton

Essex England

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the printer friendly version, I have just finished this hat and found the pattern wonderfuly easy to follow every thing worked out exactly as you said ;-) and I am very pleased with the result I used Stylecraft Bulky and did an extra set of cables and I am really pleased with the result you can view it here http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Susanba/quick-cable-slouch-hat

Anonymous said...

Hello from oz. Just wondering could you please help me. Teaching myself knitting and saw this pattern, sweet...
But what does Row 1~7) Row 8 mean? Can you please write this out row by row for me. I do get the P2,K6 stuff, but I don't know what to do on thoses rows.
Can you please help a nembie.
Cheers Rach.

AZURE said...

Hi there!
Row 1~7)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 8) P2, T6F, P2, K6
means that Row 1~7 is the same.
So basically it is

Row 1)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 2)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 3)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 4)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 5)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 6)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 7)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 8) P2, T6F, P2, K6

Hope this helps!

Punzel Chic said...

I love it! I've queued this in my Ravelry! great pattern, thanks!

Punzel Chic said...

I will be starting this soon, I have a question about the cable needle, I only have big sizes, I'm assuming they need to be smaller? can you help?

Oppie said...

I love, love, love this hat. I've made two as gifts and one for myself. May I have your permission to sell it?

beachybean said...

Hate to be a dummy, but what does K3M1 mean for increasing? Can't wait to start this hat for xmas gifts!

Unknown said...

I Love this pattern!!! Just knitted it up, took about five hours at a slow pace not really paying attention. The instructions were VERY clear and all the stitch counts were perfect. I didn't have a chunky yarn, so i double stranded a wool blend, I also used the larger sized needles. It came out perfect, and is so comfy and warm. Best hat pattern i've found : )

allicat said...

This is the best pattern I've found in hours of searching! Thank you so much! The thing is I live in California and although i love the bulky warm feel and look, I'd prefer something a tad thinner. What would be the effect on the hat if i were to use thinner weight yarn? Maybe even smaller needles?

BigJU said...

Could you specify what kind/size needles are used? Thanks!

Elite Stitches said...

Knitting Club posted your link in Facebook...had to comment to you. This hat is simply adorable! I will be making it as soon as I finish the shawl I'm working on right now... Thank you for posting the pattern...

Lupie said...

I'm on my third hat. I made one for my 16 month old grand daughter by using a size US 7 needles.

AZURE said...

Thank you all for commenting and sorry I haven't been good at replying X(

Glad you all like the pattern!

Connie said...

Hi, I have finished the k2p2 ribbing and ready for the increase row. I co 72 as stated on the pattern but when I k3m1 around I only get 90 st. instead of 96. Am I doing something wrong or am I reading the pattern wrong? I am k3 then k1fb to make the increase. I love the pattern and want it to come out correctly. LOL

MaryC said...


I had the same problem when I tried to KFB instead of M1. You have to use the M1 to get the right amount of stitches. If you are worried about the hole like I was, I looked around on the internet and discovered that if you Knit in the Back of the stitch after you pick up the extra stitch and put in on your left neddle it will not leave a hole.

MaryC said...

BTW once I am done, I will post a picture...my boss even likes this hat and has said I could wear it at work.

AZURE said...

Thank you for answering the question for me :D I really gotta keep up with replying... haha X(

MaryC is right!
The thing about increase (at least when its used in a very simple way like this, not in a fancy lace pattern or anything), how you increase doesn't really matter.
I like using M's since I don't like the purl-y strand I get when I KFB, but ultimately, the increase row is to just forcefully increase 90 stitches to 96.
The amount of Ks between the increase just evens out the increases.

Kfb WILL affect the numbers, as:

If you use M1, the increase will actually occur on the 4th stich, thus taking one extra stitch from the next set. This ultimately eats up stitches and you'll only be able to increase the st to 90 by the end of the row.

If you use M, the increase actually happens between stitch 3 and 4, so this will not happen.

If you really want to use Kfb for a reason, you could calculate and distribute the increases evenly around the circumference, but in this case it may not come out a clean number.
hope this helps :)

Catherine said...

Thank you for the pattern. It was really easy to follow. I have a question for you. I made the hat using 8 and 11 size needles and the hats is a little too baker like and I would like to felt it down a bit however I have never felted. Do you have any suggestions on how I might do this or a website I may check out. Thanks for your help!

xlover said...

this pattern is amazing, let me just say that! but i did have a question, and just starting to read patterns this may sound stupid, but for the needle size, is that is straight needles? or like circular or DPN?
thanks!! :D

elaineinplane said...

Thanks for sharing your pattern. Made this hat today but the brim was a bit tight. I caster on 72 stitches loosely, used the same yarn. Could I be a really tight knitter? I'm just curious if anyone's had this problem. Maybe I'll use bigger needles....size 9?

AZURE said...

Catherine> For felting, you need heat, soap and agitation. So get hot hot water in a bucket, squeeze in some shampoo or dishwashing detergent (not toooo much, since when you get too slippery water it won't felt well), get a new toilet plunger at a 99C store. Drop the hat in and pound pound pound pound pound with the plunger until you get the right size. Some people use washing machine but since I don't own one I do it by hand. Even if I had though, I'd probably still do it by hand since I can check in frequently. Hope it helps!

xLover> aha! I knew I saw your name elsewhere...well, the problem was dealt on Ravelry ;)

Elaineinplane> No problem! It may be that you are a tight knitter. Needle size ultimately don't matter as long as you find the size/drape you like, so if you need #9 for the brim to fit you the way you like, go right ahead :)

Rach said...

Hi there, sorry to bug you with this question but you know the bit of the pattern:

From there, repeat these rows 2 times:
Row 1~7)P2, K6, P2, K6
Row 8) P2, T6F, P2, K6

do you knit 1-8 and then 1-8 again or do you do
Row 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8?

I\Thanks for your help

AZURE said...

No problem.
Just go 1~8, 1~8.


OzzyRose said...

Hi, I absolutely love this quick little hat, I finished it up in just about a day and have started making a matching scarf to go with it, thanks so much for creating and sharing this lovely pattern!

Weirdo said...

Thank you so much for this pattern! I made it in several hours and was sooo pleased with it!
I have a question: would you give me permission to sell this hat? It wouldn't be on a big scale, just to people I know or through word of mouth. I would gladly give you credit.
Thank you so much, again!

Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

Beautiful Hat!

I'm wondering if you know the color names for the yarn you used, I love that shade of green!


Rain501 said...

Hi there...our Knitting Ministry loved the hat and wanted to know if it is okay to make them with your pattern and give them to cancer patients at our local hospital? I made one and it is beautiful...thanks for the pattern.

medlove said...

This is my first time knitting a hat, and I'm a little confused about what needles I need (both size 7 and 10? Just one or the other?) Do I need to start on a circular needle then move to double pointed needles once I'm low on stitches?

Can't wait to try this one!

AZURE said...

Sorry for such a late reply X(

Just as a general reply, I've been getting way more 'can I sell this item?' messages, so I'm going to put a weird restriction and say IF YOU SPIN YOUR OWN YARN, yes you can. If you're using commercial yarn, I would say no. Only because I believe if you do make your own yarn for this simple hat, there will be more of 'your work' going into the hat. Sorry if I sound stupid, but being a handcraft seller myself, I feel there should be more than one layer of originality.

I support charity.
IF AND ONLY IF you are using the pattern for donation or for a knitalongs and teaching materials I am all for it.
SELLING THE ITEM TO RAISE MONEY FOR DONATIONS and for knitalongs/teaching materials I definitely would like to be credited one way or the other, but IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO DONATE DIRECTLY to charity without 'selling', I don't even care. Don't worry about asking and go right ahead. If something I made is gonna help somebody I can't be more gladder.

medlove> You are right!
It is better if you have a smaller needle for the brim of the hat, since if you use the same (larger size) needle as the body, the distinction between the brim and the hat will not be obvious, and more importantly the hat probably won't stay on your head; it will be loose and floppy.
You can start with circular needles and switch to DPN once you feel there is too little stitches to go around the circular like you said, OR you can decide to use DPN all the way. The latter option will be cheaper as you need less needles, but for a beginner circular knitter I highly recommend circular. I tried my first hat with DPNs and I lept getting the 'ladder'. Once you get used to circles you can try DPNs.
You don't need DPNs for the smaller needles, as you switch to the larger needle waaaay before the decrease. Hope it helps!

Rebs @ Book-Rants>
Gwaaa I don't remember which specific color I got...I just remember choosing one of the mossgreen-ish one X( sorry about that!

Natalie said...

You said you used us7 and us11 right? Were those circular needles? And what length? Sorry I am new to kntting... You probably already answered this question, so I apologize, But I am excited to make this:) Just want to make sure I get the right stuff.

AZURE said...

No worries Natalie!

Yes I used circular needles for both.
You could substitute it with DPNs but if you're a first time circular knitter I highly recommend circular needles. Waaaaay easier.

Patti McHugh said...

Natalie, I just finished this hat using 16" long circular needles. If you're using the Magic Loop method you will probably want to follow the length suggested in the instructions.

Azure, great pattern! Can't believe everyone is still commenting after 2 years.

Imogen said...

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this great pattern! I just finished making it up- my first time doing cables and my first hat- and I really enjoyed it. I hope the person whose Christmas present it is likes it too!

Birdie said...

Thank you for sharing. This is my very first completed cabled project. I love the way you explain as you provide the particulars. Now I need to find a cabled scarf pattern with the same attributes :-). Once again THANK YOU!!!!

Kayleen Butterfly said...

Thanks for the hat pattern! I saw a light gray one in the IMVU store and SO wanted it! I'm only twelve and like to knit, so I Googled the pattern and found your site! It looks pretty easy, thank goodness. Does it require circular needles? I know how to use them, I just don't have any and I'm wondering if I should buy them. If the pattern does require them, then change "row" to "round." Thank you!
- Rayna

Kay McClellan said...

Love the pattern. I'm making up a last minute gift for Christmas. My problem is, I'm going to use up the yarn I have on hand....which is worsted weight. Would I have to completely change the pattern to get it right...add an extra cable?

Shannon Maher said...

Do you mind if I clarify something?

When you say personal use, it is permissible for me to make this pattern and give it to someone as a gift?
Also, for the charity knitting, if I sold the hats for money for charity, in what way should I credit you?

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern with us!

Elizabeth said...

I'm kind of confused by what it means to establish rows. If there is 96 sts on your circular needle then row 1,2 and 3 are only 16 stitches each. Are you supposed to repeat these stitches unti 96 sts? So row 1:p2k6p2k6 x 6 then move onto row 2? I assume so, but wanted to confirm.

Heather Myers said...

Great pattern! I was just curious what your finished length is? And also what is your length before the decrease?


Laura said...
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Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AZURE said...

That is correct!
It does look strange, but that's the beauty/simplicity of these basic cables.
All it takes to make a standard cable is that one twist every few rows. You'd expect something more complex, right?
:) good luck!

Laura said...

This is my first cable knit pattern and I'm slightly confused. I've done up to row four, the first row of cable. so whats next? Do I go to row 1-7 and 8?? I just don't understand how you get a cable knit with only doing one row of cable knitting. please help, I'm awful at reading cable patterns.

Rebecca Tellez said...

Love this pattern and want to make it for my daughter for Christmas, but I can't seem to get the hang of circular needles. I can't get the stitches all knitted off and I have no idea how to not have that huge gap at the start. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

Caryn Barretta said...

Hi Azure!

I made your hat and love it so much and I'm going to make another in a different color.

There are a couple things I'd like to improve upon for my next attempt and would really appreciate your advice! This was the first pattern that I've ever used so please forgive my ignorance here. My brim was little loose on me and the fit isn't very secure. For my next attempt, would simply using a smaller needle take care of the fit issue?

I have a second question, which is that my bind off/center of the hat doesn't hang flat like your does in your pictures. Instead, the very center of it puckers out a little. Any advice as to how to avoid that for my next attempt?

Thank you so much,

PatriciaH said...

For a free pattern, I would definitively recommend to newbies experienced with knitting on circular and cable needles; however, IMHO, the pattern is really not written specifically for newbies as I thought when I dove in. Just too much missing info. There are indeed some tips in the pattern for more experienced newbies, yes, but if, for example, you've never knitted on circular needles or worked with cable needles, and/or don't have someone who can help you when you run into problems, I'd forego this pattern for sure and look for something more basic. My opinion, for what it's worth. Wish I'd known before diving in!

Helmut Dempewolf said...

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