Thursday, July 29, 2010

Magic Loop Made even Easier--Introducing "THE ODD MAGIC TECHNIQUE"!!

I was teaching my friend how to use the Magic Loop method.
For people who are not familiar with the technique, it is a way to do a small diameter without using DPNs, but a long circular needle instead.  Usually the circulars only allow diameters that are larger than it (for example, if the cable is 16" you can't make a tube much smaller than that).

Since I'm not confident in explaining the technique in my own words, I recommend you to search online for that, haha but I did find a little tip.

Actually, there is a way to knit something in same guage with two different needles (that meaning holding holding one size needle on your right hand and a different size in your left).
It may be hard to do that with two straights, but as long as your right hand needle is kept constant, you can use a smaller one for the left and it won't make a difference.  That is because the "left needle" is merely a stick holding the stitches.
So say if you have #4 on your left and #7 on your right.
If you are using straights, I repeat that it would be hard, because to make this happen you'd have to knit one row, then slide everything on to the #4, then knit another row with #7 in your right hand, knit one row, then slide everything back to the #4...
Why would you want to do that unless you lost one of your 7s but desperately need to knit because  you're being chased by a weird monster who can't attack you while you're knitting?

Well..this won't work too well with straights, but how about interchangeable needles?

This morning I was on the subway, knitting as usual, in magic loop, but I came to a point I had  to switch to a larger needle.

I was using the Knitpicks option needles, and didn't feel like screwing both ends off and on again on a moving train, so I just changed one.

Then I noticed that having a #4 on the right and the #7 on the left, the stitches glided way easier.  I always had a problem where I knit just tight enough that I have to squeeze the stitches off the chord and onto the needle, preparing to knit.
It even made cabling easier.  I had just started experimenting the method where you don't use cable needles, but since now its much easier for the stitches to slide, its MUCH easier to move the stitches on and off the left needle----without dropping the stitch because you tugged a little hard.  Anyho, when you're knitting in the round with a single circular, you only ever hold needles one way or the other so you CAN do this.  It won't work with DPNs.

So, if you have the problems I had, give this a shot.  Leave me a comment--let me know how it feels!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sneak Peek!

So I've been working on the new inventory for the grand reopening on Sept 15th, and here are some of the photos I have; some I've finished but don't have the photo yet and some I haven\t finished or forgot or changed my mind:P

Simple Chaos ISimpleChaosArmWarmer
Strawberry II

I liked this hat quite a lot I decided to make a silk mohair one in the same pattern.  I will probably make a pattern of this for sale too.

Tiramisu IIWIP - ex_0001_Layer Comp 2

This one is finished for a while but hasn't had a chance to get its photo taken.

More coming!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Originally uploaded by zenith8882
Yay! so the "Berry Mix" Drawstring Lace Bag-Hat is pretty much done. It's being blocked, the drawstring is ready, and waiting for it to be assembled.

This was kinda...very, very improv hat..hope people like it :P

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blocking Tiramisu..

Yay! So out of that huge goal inventory list...I finished #5 out of 13+.
"Tiramisu" Entralac Hat is now done and is being blocked.

"Giant Twist" Wrist Warmers are coming along, and I'm concentrating on "Berry Mix" Drawstring Lace Bag-Hat since yesterday and will be for few days.  Multi-color Filmstrip scarf is almost at the crocheting stage.   The KAMON series is going to be a one-hand work/drawing gauntlet.  It is done prototyping, and I'm hoping the next one will be final.

I might take a week or two breaktime to work on my own autumn/winter tunic...kinda itching to work on bigger projects :P