Sunday, June 6, 2010

Surprise! Yarn x Needle Combination

Whoever has read some stuff on my knitblog probably knows how much I don't like acrylic yarn, and how I'm not thrilled with Susan Bates metal needles either.  The reason of that is----when I knit with acrylic yarns, not only do I hear squeaks but also feel that squeaky vibrations through my fingertips, kinda going to my spine, giving me...almost those 'chills' that you feel when you hear styrofoam squeaks.  *shiverr*  So I can't knit more than 3 rows without having to put it down for a bit.  Maybe 5 minutes for crocheting.

But today, I found a little surprise.  I needed more dishcloth/kitchen cloth, so I reluctantly took out my acrylic yarn (Vanna's Choice) that I bought a while back when I was into crocheting acrylic scrubbies. 
I knew my Hiya Hiya or Addi needles will still give me those chills, so I tried the Knitpicks Harmony Wood.  But unfortunately yes, still lots of squeaking.  So I was wondering what other needles I can try out.  (Good thing it needed #8 needles,  cause I feel like I have tons of 8s)
So I reluctantly brought out my Susan Bates needles, which I have always not liked--just had it since it was one of the first needles I got.

But guess what?  I don't feel the squeak.  At least not yet.  I think i have been knitting few minutes by now but I don't feel that vibration.  Like magic!

So, Susan Bates metal needles,  I owe you an apology.  Sorry needle, I will use you when I knit with acrylic yarn.
I think its the Susan Bates Quicksilver... :3

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