Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming up @ AZURE KNITS

It has been a while since the last time I posted new items or patterns on AZURE KNITS for sale. Partly because of the whole wedding and after work-work business, and partly because its getting pretty hot, and I thought I probably should wait until summer is over to post new items. Anyways I hope you're in a well air-conditioned room, possibly freezing, in your office or classroom while you're reading this because you're gonna start sweating if you're not!

These are the items coming up, in various stages, either finished and waiting for photo, under production or still a ball of yarn.

"SIMPLE CHAOS" Hat + Arm Warmers ..and hand warmer?
Made from 100% Merino handpainted yarn. No cable or lace to show off the colors. Arm warmers go half way up the arm, and with an open thumb.  The hat is also very simple and slightly slouchy.  I have one more ball of this yarn left, so I might make a pair of hand warmers too.

"Strawberry" Drawstring Hat+Neck warmer
One of my first original pattern, in red and green.  Made in 100% Superwash Merino.

"Berry Mix" Drawstring Lace Bag-Hat
A second model of Drawstring hat in two shades of purple, now with lace, and not much of a neck warmer but you can if you want to use it that way.  Much longer.  75% Cotton 25% Acrylic for winter-spring use and stretchier than just cotton.

"Tiramisu" Entralac Hat
100% wool.  More of a tam, with rows of alternate color rhombuses.

"Giant Twist" Wrist Warmers
Made with 100% Baby alpaca fingering~sport weight yarn in heather grey.  Extreeeeemely soft.

Kamon Series "HIRA YOTSU-ME" Wrist Warmers
Debating if I should keep this an one-arm "work wrister".  100% wool.  I'm thinking of making two lines of Japanese themed accessories and this is one of them, featuring traditional crests.

Japanese Pattern Series "HOUJOU UROKO" Wrist Warmer
Also debating if I should make it one-arm wrister, and also the second line I'm trying to develop, based on traditional Japanese patterns that I have been interested for years.  Made with fair isle technique.  100% wool.

"Grapevine" Bamboo Scarf
A somewhat narrow lace scarf made with 100% Bamboo (and handpainted!) yarn.  Very smooth and slick.  Great for spring/summer, warm climate winter and as an 'accent' scarf.

Vine Lace Scarf
Knitted in lace yarn!  100% Merino.  With rows of delicate vine lace.  Black/green-ish heather.

Antique taste airy cowl
A simple cowl knitted in 100% Merino lace yarn with a ribbon.  Heathered tan-ish base, and planning to look for a wine-red ribbon.

Multi-color Filmstrip Scarves
The most popular pattern of AZURE KNITS, now in multi-colored cells!

Also I'm thinking of a 2-layered hat made in lace yarn that I got the idea from one of my friend's hat, and couple more basic wrist warmers (esp. the diamond cable)

I'm crossing my fingers..I hope I finish these (some are already) before 9/15.  Wish me luck, and look forward!

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