Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 new items on sale!

Yay new items!
So item one is a new wrist warmer!  I think I figured out the good dimensions to make this wrist warmer fit snugly around the palm.  I made this with my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE yarn--100% baby alpaca, chunky yarn.  This is soooo smooth and warm.  Knitting is so painless in this yarn cause it just slides and glides n'all.

DekoBoko Reversible Chunky Neck Warmer $24.00 USD
I found this yarn in Japan!  A "slub yarn", which is a kind of yarn that has thick and thin part, so you can knit a really simple pattern and get good accent.  I made this one two-toned so you can show the lighter or darker color, whichever you like.

Cotton Candy Alapaca Lace Cowl $30.00 USD
AAAND.  THIS YARN I just absolutely HAD to buy, because it was just..so..fluffy.  It's the first time I came across baby suri alpaca yarn in person, and boy I was amazed.  My girly side totally kicked in, haha,  but yes it was perfect for a lacy cowl.  This wide-mouth cowl is very light, super warm, and extreeemely fluffy.

Hope you guys like them!

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