Friday, January 22, 2010

"The Film Geek" is now a "Film Crew"

While I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive for my other filmstrip scarf commission, I got another one, and this time as a SET with matching fingerless mitts.  Wohoo!
SO here they are.  I have another scarf commission coming up, but will gladly take orders, so contact me any time!

I will try to make patterns for these soon...soon...I hope...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 new items on sale!

Yay new items!
So item one is a new wrist warmer!  I think I figured out the good dimensions to make this wrist warmer fit snugly around the palm.  I made this with my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE yarn--100% baby alpaca, chunky yarn.  This is soooo smooth and warm.  Knitting is so painless in this yarn cause it just slides and glides n'all.

DekoBoko Reversible Chunky Neck Warmer $24.00 USD
I found this yarn in Japan!  A "slub yarn", which is a kind of yarn that has thick and thin part, so you can knit a really simple pattern and get good accent.  I made this one two-toned so you can show the lighter or darker color, whichever you like.

Cotton Candy Alapaca Lace Cowl $30.00 USD
AAAND.  THIS YARN I just absolutely HAD to buy, because it was just..so..fluffy.  It's the first time I came across baby suri alpaca yarn in person, and boy I was amazed.  My girly side totally kicked in, haha,  but yes it was perfect for a lacy cowl.  This wide-mouth cowl is very light, super warm, and extreeemely fluffy.

Hope you guys like them!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AZURE KNITS is back!

Hi hi, and happy new years to all.
I'm back home and AZURE KNITS has reopened for 2010!

There are two more neck warmers waiting for their photos to be taken, so stay tuned!
Otherwise, I do have a 90% done wristwarmers (which..I'm still thinking what to do for the final touch), but I'm pretty backed up on commissions, so sorry my updates are less frequent.

I'm also working to make a AZURE KNITS catalog/album online (and hard copy eventually) so I will link them when I'm done!  But oh my...I must thank Brian for all the pictures he's taken for me.

Have a nice day!