Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ganache Aran Arm Warmers (and pattern)

Ganache Aran ARM warmers on Etsy

I made a longer version of the Ganache wrist warmers that goes right up to your elbow!  This one is really fun to knit...I love cables cause you never get too sick of the repetition and have to concentrate on your row.

The pattern is available in my first Pattern Mini-Collection here,

or here,
or here
or just buy it now without having to create any account or anything.

The pattern is for the 'wrist warmer' but it could be easily made into an arm warmer by repeating the cable 2 more times (or more, if you want to make it even longer!).  I haven't tried so no guarantee, but you probably can make a "Hand" warmer by decreasing 1 cable repetition, and make the ribbing part at the wrist longer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just bought your pattern and am confused by how to t3f and t3b...any clarification?