Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chosing Knitting Needles (Note To Beginners)

Since I've been expressing my love to Addi needles in the past 2 entries, I thought I should mention few things about needles.  I love them and they're awesome, but I must say it might be a little tough if you're just starting to knit.  If you are, especially if you're trying DPNs, go for the bamboo or harmony wood instead of metal.  One of the first (cheap) needles I got were metal, and I just couldn't make it work because the stitches just slid and I had no control.  Since I have been knitting like crazy for the past year, I now have good control of yarn so that 'sliding' is useful to me now.
Bamboo or Harmony wood on the other hand has a nice clasp on the yarn, so they don't slide.  When you're a beginner, this is quite handy since you don't have worry about losing your stitch caused by sliding, and you can concentrate only on the actual knitting,
Hope this helps!

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