Thursday, October 15, 2009

And more newer products...

Since I've been pretty lazy updating this blog..here's a bunch of stuff I made for the past few weeks.
Some of them are commissioned, and some of them for sale!

My favorite..

Deep Forest Alpaca Aran Hat and Wrist Warmers (sold separately)

These are super warm and super soft, no kidding...one of those yarns which you just zoom through because they feel soooooo good.

Cinnamon Mocha mini-pouch and wristwarmers (sold separately)

These yarn were so cute...I got them from Japan.  Wool and Mohair.  Baggy comfy wrist (or..semi-arm) warmers and a little pouch.  Not a heavy duty one, but good for small everyday items ;)

These were commissioned, but I could make more! :P  The wristwarmer pattern is original...I was given a photo for reference so I just made up something like it, haha.  Thank you Holly M. for modeling!

Also...I'v finally come to notice like a month ago that nice photos are necessary..lol so, I got new photos for my old products!  Special thanks to my not-only-an-artist-but-also-an-awesome-photographer husband, Brian.

uh..wait.  When was the last time I posted on this blog?
Heck...I guess I never posted some of these "old" products.

Tree Hat

Lace Fog

Petit Bag-ZiggiZaggi

And finally, customizable wristwarmers.


So this seems to be my new things along with the usual hats and mitts....


I tried them myself, and I love them.
It cleans stuff without detergent, so its good for your hands, environment and ..your wallet :P