Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eggnog Lace Strip Neck warmer

So my new discovery---Cowl.

My friend, who knew of my knit-freakness gave me a beautiful ball of yarn in my favorite color (blue!) and I needed to find something to make for myself.  So I knitted myself a simple 2x2rib neck warmer.  Nothing too complicated, since it was a slub yarn and didn't really need any complicated stuff to be un-plain.

But oh my!  I loved it.  Wind doesn't blow and unwind it, I can just pull it on and off--so I think these cowls and wrist/arm warmers are going to be the main concentration for the rest of the year.

I also have  patterns for this cowl on Etsy and on Ravelry!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chosing Knitting Needles (Note To Beginners)

Since I've been expressing my love to Addi needles in the past 2 entries, I thought I should mention few things about needles.  I love them and they're awesome, but I must say it might be a little tough if you're just starting to knit.  If you are, especially if you're trying DPNs, go for the bamboo or harmony wood instead of metal.  One of the first (cheap) needles I got were metal, and I just couldn't make it work because the stitches just slid and I had no control.  Since I have been knitting like crazy for the past year, I now have good control of yarn so that 'sliding' is useful to me now.
Bamboo or Harmony wood on the other hand has a nice clasp on the yarn, so they don't slide.  When you're a beginner, this is quite handy since you don't have worry about losing your stitch caused by sliding, and you can concentrate only on the actual knitting,
Hope this helps!

Cozy Knitty Cable Strip Hat

Cozy Knitty Cable Strip Hat on Etsy!
This---I also made just because I wanted to use that new needle, and I first tried to make a hat that you knit flat too, but I kinda failed.  So I had to give in and use my old shorter circular needle (which, I also love, but I must admit the Addis are too good).
I will be selling patterns for this one pretty soon.  This may be a good starter hat for beginners and a bit more advanced beginners who wants to challenge cable knitting.  There's only one strip of cable so its easy to keep track, and doesn't even have decreases (there is one row of increases but its easy to keep track), since you seam the top with the tapestry needle.  Its basically a rectangle.
on ETSY and on RAVELRY

Wristwarmer with Belt Knitted Version

Pumpkin Spice - Alpaca Wrist Warmers with Belt $26.99

This one, I invented ONLY because I wanted to use my new Addi Turbo needle (US size 10) that I just bought (OOOh they're so good. *drool* now I want to get the entire addi Click set.) and the beautiful orange-brown alpaca yarn I found.

Anyways. Here is a quick but super warm and smooth wristwarmer for ya!
It is knitted flat and seamed on the sides in a tube. No tricky thumb/finger to knit.
I will be selling patterns shortly!
The palm is ribbed for snugger fit!



Page 2 Line 2K2P1 Rib (K2P1 on Right side, P2K1 on Wrong side) for two rows. 

Thank you Maryanne!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ganache Aran Arm Warmers (and pattern)

Ganache Aran ARM warmers on Etsy

I made a longer version of the Ganache wrist warmers that goes right up to your elbow!  This one is really fun to knit...I love cables cause you never get too sick of the repetition and have to concentrate on your row.

The pattern is available in my first Pattern Mini-Collection here,

or here,
or here
or just buy it now without having to create any account or anything.

The pattern is for the 'wrist warmer' but it could be easily made into an arm warmer by repeating the cable 2 more times (or more, if you want to make it even longer!).  I haven't tried so no guarantee, but you probably can make a "Hand" warmer by decreasing 1 cable repetition, and make the ribbing part at the wrist longer.

Mini Scarf

New Leaf - Alpaca Mini Scarf on Etsy

So this is my new mini-scarf. perfectly 1 skein.  I will create a pattern soon.
I instantly fell for this yarn when I randomly stopped by a yarn store--and of course, its alpaca.
Its a short scarf so its not super bulky, but its alpaca so its still super warm.
I have made a hole on one side so you can loop it around your neck and secure it if you want to!

I'm so going to make more of these.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ravelry Designer! and more prototypes

So finally, I decided to create patterns for download/purchase on Ravely!
First one is here!:
Snug Little Gauntlets

It was nice to finally play around with InDesign, haha.
I am currently working on 2 more patterns, one for that drawstring hat/neck warmer, and one for my new wrist warmer!  Right now I'm working on a version of it to sell, but this is the prototype version:

Its an original pattern, fingerless mitts BUT WITH THUMB!! YAAAY. lol
The pattern may take a bit longer for this one, but the product itself will be on sale on Etsy in a few days ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm currently making an original pattern that I will be selling soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

So here are some new items on my page!
How about a Christmas present for your movie lover friend? :P
Combination of knitting and crocheting--my original pattern which my friend and ex-roommate V.AY suggested.

I forgot to post it, but I had made an original hat which ended up being (surprisingly) like a ...neck warmer combo.  I named it Eggnog (well..Brian named it, actually.  I'm really bad with names)

This one got sold, so I made another one--this time in gray, with darker wood beads to give a more 'chic' look.  I'm thinking of painting my own beads next time..I just got raw wood beads from another etsy page!
So here is the second drawstring hat.

Seems like I'm finally completely breaking off from existing patterns.  I'm still battling with sizing and all, but I'm getting there.  I'm also trying new stitches too--like this one,  linen stitch.  Half-knit half-weave kind of stitch, and it seems more 'solid' than regular knits.  This time the finger opening and the wrist opening (top/bottom) was a bit bigger/looser than I intended.  Next time I will try 2x2rib instead of 1x1..

I'm also thinking of making and selling my original patterns too! ...uh..eventually.

(this book helped me, and is gonna help me sooo much!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

And more newer products...

Since I've been pretty lazy updating this blog..here's a bunch of stuff I made for the past few weeks.
Some of them are commissioned, and some of them for sale!

My favorite..

Deep Forest Alpaca Aran Hat and Wrist Warmers (sold separately)

These are super warm and super soft, no kidding...one of those yarns which you just zoom through because they feel soooooo good.

Cinnamon Mocha mini-pouch and wristwarmers (sold separately)

These yarn were so cute...I got them from Japan.  Wool and Mohair.  Baggy comfy wrist (or..semi-arm) warmers and a little pouch.  Not a heavy duty one, but good for small everyday items ;)

These were commissioned, but I could make more! :P  The wristwarmer pattern is original...I was given a photo for reference so I just made up something like it, haha.  Thank you Holly M. for modeling!

Also...I'v finally come to notice like a month ago that nice photos are necessary..lol so, I got new photos for my old products!  Special thanks to my not-only-an-artist-but-also-an-awesome-photographer husband, Brian.

uh..wait.  When was the last time I posted on this blog?
Heck...I guess I never posted some of these "old" products.

Tree Hat

Lace Fog

Petit Bag-ZiggiZaggi

And finally, customizable wristwarmers.